Welcome to Decoying South Africa, the premium online supplier of realistic, high quality three-dimensional bird decoys for wing shooting in Southern Africa.

We specialise in standing and floating decoys for waterfowl and pigeons, which we have been making for the South African market for the past 10 years.  All our decoys are designed, tested and manufactured in South Africa.  We are avid waterfowlers and wingshooters ourselves and therefore believe that we understand our customers' requirements.  Out decoys are rugged, durable and light-weight and therefore offer outstanding value for money compared to their imported counterparts.

Full bodied-decoys are rather bulky and therefore take up a lot of space in a vehicle or while in storage.  If they have detachable heads, they are even more cumbersome to transport and deploy in the field.  Detachable necks can also be lost or broken over time making your decoy useless.  Silhouette decoys may help to add a life-like appearance to a decoy spread, but are not visible from certain angles. 

Our field experience has proven that three-dimensional shell decoys are the answer for local conditions.  When they are viewed from any angle, including from above, a 3-D decoy is the most effective as it's closest to the real thing.  3-D shells are also the solution to transport and storage problems as they are stackable and lightweight, making it easy to carry multiple decoys into the field.  When the shooting season is over, and your shell decoys are not in use, they take up a minimum of storage space.